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Timely Meds is a free service.

Personalized Pill Punch Packs

Sign up in the pharmacy for our free personalized service and pill punch packs. A 4-week supply filled for you! Save time and enjoy peace-of-mind managing your medications with Timely Meds.

Ready to make medications simple and convenient?


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Visit the store pharmacist and fill out an enrollment form, or print and complete this form.  The friendly, licensed pharmacist will review your current medications and arrange a pick up date for your first Timely Meds pill punch pack.

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Monthly check-ins with your pharmacist ensure your medications are current with your healthcare needs. Each Timely Meds pill punch pack 4-week supply is custom made for you!

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Pick-up occurs every 4 weeks after your check-in. That’s it! So easy and convenient to track all your medications — on time, every time.


What is Timely Meds?
Timely Meds is the new pre-dosed perscription service and pill punch pack designed especially for you. Organized by day and time, it’s a convenient reminder to take your meds – filled by a licensed pharmacist who knows your specific medication needs. Timely Meds service and pill punch pack is designed for customers that take five medications or more, or manage multiple medications for others.

How is Timely Meds packaged?
Available in four, 7-day individualized packs. Each pack contains all your medications for each day, time of day, and every week for 4 weeks.

How much does Timely Meds cost me?
There is no additional charge for the Timely Meds service and pill punch packs, just the cost of your medications that you normally pay.

Why Timely Meds?
If you’re someone who takes multiple, daily medications it can be a challenge to keep track of the where, when, and how much. Timely Meds is a simplified view of your daily medication needs, or medications you manage for others.

Who should use Timely Meds?
Anyone who takes multiple daily medications or who tracks medications for others. Timely Meds service is useful for caregivers, and the elderly who may manage several medications at different dosages throughout the day and week.